Witham Carnival Court 2011 at Southend Carnival Collection

"I remember Southend Carnival as being a fun day. I liked parading through the night and seeing all the lights. I liked the dancing groups and the zombies who where behind us and tried to make us jump. I enjoyed the Tea that we had with all the other courts and the Mayor, i ate some sausages and other nibbles. We then had to make our way to the starting position to get ready for the carnival but there wasnt enough room on the open top bus for us so we got a lift on the fire engine, we all tried on a hat and took some pictures, that was great fun. I will always remember Southend Carnival. Lastly we won 3rd place for our Carnival Float which made the day even better."

Georgie Dearing Witham Carnival Princess aged 9.

"I really enjoyed Southend carnival, particularly the part when we went on the fire engine, we even got to wear a fireman's was fun!The Queens tea was great, there was lots of lovely food to eat and we met the judges one being the Major. The actual carnival was good fun,it was a bit cold so we had to wrap up but lots of people came to watch so all in all it was a lovely day! And to top the day of we won 3rd prize for Carnival Float."

Shae Carter Witham Carnival Princess aged 10.

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